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Thank you for expressing interest in fiber-optic broadband services in Camp Sherman. The Camp Sherman Broadband Project led by Black Butte School District is currently pursuing ways to bring fiber-optic service to the majority of the Camp Sherman community. As part of this effort, we are gathering information about those interested in this service when it becomes available. The route of the main fiber line in Camp Sherman will be determined by the location and number of homeowners and businesses who express interest in connecting to the line, as well as the amount of grant funding available. Therefore, it is imperative that you include your physical address in Camp Sherman when completing a letter of interest. Please submit a letter for each address or entity you’re associated with in Camp Sherman. Those in cabins or RV sites, please include a letter for each cabin or site and include the site or cabin number. Submitting a letter of interest now, will support future applications for grant funding! 

The following is a NON-LEGALLY BINDING Letter of Interest, THIS IS NOT A PRE-ORDER FORM FOR THE SERVICE. Please read the statement below, and if you agree with what it says, fill in your contact information. By completing the Letter of Interest, you will be notified when pre-ordering is available. NOTE: The contact information you provide may be shared with future granting agencies, or Internet Service Provider partners.

If you have any questions about the project or the letter of intent, please use the Contact Us form  to get in touch.

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The undersigned:

  1. Understands that the Camp Sherman Broadband Project is investigating construction of a fiberoptic system in the Camp Sherman area;
  2. needs more reliable and faster Broadband (Internet) Service for home or business; and
  3. will be willing to purchase this service at a cost less than, similar to, or more than we pay for our current service, within a reasonable range of additional cost.
  4. Understands that if grant funds are not sufficient, there may be a non-reoccurring charge to install service.
  5. Understands that some remote properties in the Metolius Basin will not be able to connect, and that the undersigned’s property may be one of them.

We support this project, and state that it is our interest to order service when available for better Internet service, at a reasonable amount that may be more than is currently paid. We authorize Black Butte School District to share our contact information with the Internet Service Provider partner, who will be the owner of the proposed Fiber System.

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